“Pictures of Fanny walking in straight. I am a true believer in John F. Barnes MFR (myofascial release) treatment now. It has been ABSOLUTELY AMAZING for my girl. Here she was 34 years and 4 months old. Staying out at night for 9-11 hours! Used to be 4 hours! My vet was also amazed. He said he hasn’t seen her walk this well in 5 years!”

“Spinal cord compression in her cervical area diagnosed 5 years earlier via X-rays. She presented with asymmetry in her hind quarters, leaned against a wall to rest her stronger leg and would lie down outdoors only to rest and realign herself. I do not believe she was in pain as it was agreed with my vets as more neurological than avoidance from pain. When she was straight, she would rear and play like a young girl. I owned her for 30.5 years and she gave me 3 gorgeous colts and I still have one who is 25 and I have 2 of her grandsons!”
Miriam J. Herstik, PT

“Tonya Allen is a very intuitive and a dedicated therapist. She has helped horses and people heal and perform more effectively. Horse owners have witnessed dramatic results. I have been very impressed with my results. It is not a luxury; for me it is a necessity. Without this therapy, I do not believe I would be able to do my work – or continue for years to come. I believe many horses would benefit – especially those that have had past injuries, founder / laminitis or any condition that would result in compensation by the horse which would create discomfort, imbalance, stress, etc. This is another option in your toolbox to improve your horse’s health and behavior – and maybe for yourself as well.”
Deborah Hewitt, Natural Hoof Care for barefoot horses

“Tonya Allen has performed myofascial bodywork massage therapy on four training horses here at Pinnacle Stables including a high strung barrel mare, an aged draft/quarter horse jumper, a spotted saddlehorse with prior trauma, and a BLM mustang. Every single one of these horses responded well to her treatment. If you are searching for a replacement for or supplement to equine chiropractic, look into Myofascial Bodywork and specifically Tonya at Restoration Therapy. She is a consummate professional, will give you an honest appraisal of what she can do to treat your horse, and has the ability to find deeper underlying issues that may be causing lameness or imbalance.”
Jason Lancaster, Ed.D., Owner/Trainer at Pinnacle Stables “The Height of Horsemanship in the Hills of Tennessee”

“Tonya worked on my performance mustang that was short-striding to the right, and began having difficulty moving out. I tried a chiropractor, but my horse continued to get worse instead of better. I then learned of Tonya, and decided to have her treat my horse with myofascial massage. After 4 sessions, my horse was much improved and back to her normal self. I highly recommend Tonya to work with your horse.”
Lori Flippo (Assistant Trainer)