Restoration Equine & Canine Myofascial Massage Bodywork Therapy

“Release the potential of you and your horse by releasing past stress, injuries and compensations!”

Benefits of Equine Bodywork:
• Improves circulation
• Relaxes muscle spasms
• Lengthens connective tissue
• Helps to alleviate inflammation in the joints & associated pain
• Increases range of motion
• Improves disposition of sore, irritated horses

Is my horse a good candidate for Myofascial Release Therapy?
• Refusing a lead or crossfiring
• Shortened strides / Over reaching / stepping short
• A history of chronic lameness, injuries, or surgeries
• Wringing tail / Girthing irritation / Back soreness
• Problems bending or flexing
• Loss of performance with no diagnosed problem

Equine therapy at your facility is $100.00 per session.

Includes structural assessment each session and video/photo footage on 1st and 4th sessions.
Travel fees apply over 30 minute radius from Restoration office.
All disciplines, breeds and ages can be worked with.


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